Savvy & Lex Jewelry Co! Baubles to Celebrate All of the Beauty That YOU Are!

Hi! Welcome to Savvy & Lex Jewelry Co. My name is Ariane. I’m the owner, designer, and jewelry maker of Savvy & Lex Jewelry Co, which offers small-batch handcrafted adornments made from an eclectic blend of mixed-media materials. Savvy & Lex Jewelry Co’s aim is to help you embrace all of the exciting ampersands and hyphens that represent the beauty in you!

I started Savvy & Lex Jewelry Co in June 2020. To be honest, it all began with me trying to drive away the Covid-19 Quarantine Bored In The House Bug!! Stuck at home, it occurred to me, I had all of these jewelry-making and craft supplies from past projects I either never had the time to finish or even get started. Why should I just sit here bored, I thought to myself. This was a perfect opportunity to create all of the things I used to wish I had time for. So I started with just stringing seed beads and making ankle bracelets...TONS of ankle bracelets!!!! I shared them with family and friends. Then I thought, why not use that polymer clay oven for once! Then came learning about wire wrapping and hammering on copper, then the versatility of resin...It went on and on (still going!) and led to so much fun experimenting with different mediums and textures. I fell in love with it and so Savvy & Lex Jewelry Co was born.

Why the names Savvy & Lex, you may ask. Well, since I was a teenager, the names Savannah and Alexander held a special place in my heart. I always imagined that’s what I’d name my children if I was ever blessed to have any. While I’m not a mother (yet), those names have continued to stay with me. Truthfully, they’re ingrained in my soul and symbolize unconditional love and excitement for what comes next.

For me, the names Savvy & Lex also symbolize an embrace of all the different things we are to ourselves and to the people we encounter in our lives. I consider myself a multifaceted woman with various talents, interests, and sides to my personality and style - I believe each of you is just as multifaceted. None of us are defined by just one or two things. Who we are is made up of lots of incredible elements and I want to celebrate each of them with my jewelry.

Thank you so much for stopping by Savvy & Lex Jewelry Co. I hope we can be friends and that you’ll find a few things that Celebrate All of the Beauty That YOU Are!!!


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